Book Review: The Flavor Bible

November 7, 2020
cookbook review

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The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide To Culinary Creativity, Based On The Wisdom Of America's Most Imaginative Chefs
I know that this isn’t technically a cookbook, but I’m still going to use it as one of my book reviews. I want to add that it is one of the most used books on my shelf. The purpose of the book is to give you an idea of complementing flavours. For example, if you have pineapple but don’t know what to do with it, you would look it up in the book. I use this book a lot with my recipe development.


Book Review:

This book gives you some basic information about each item, such as the ingredients season, its primary taste (bitter, sweet, etc.), the flavour affinities, and other important information.

The list of complementing ingredients also indicates how well each flavour will work together. First, plain text, then bolding the ingredient, next BOLD WITH CAPITALS, and finally, BOLD CAPITALS* with an asterisk to indicate the best combination.

cookbook review

You aren’t even limited to searching just by individual flavours. The book also offers you the option to look ingredients up by season; summer, winter, autumn, and spring. The seasonal category will let you know the seasonal ingredients for that particular time of year. When it comes to cooking and baking, I believe that understanding the ingredients that you are using will help you use them better.

I love this book. If you are interested in either cooking or baking, this is an important book to have on your shelf. So I definitely recommend this book. Get it if you find yourself not know what to cook or bake ( it will definitely liven up your kitchen creations).

Recipes I used this book for:

Lemon Cream Tart with Gingered Strawberry Sauce

Cherry Almond Oat Shortbread Cookies

Orange Cardamom Blossom Cookies

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The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide To Culinary Creativity, Based On The Wisdom Of America’s Most Imaginative Chefs

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