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Hello, my name is Teresa, and I would like to welcome you to The Tea Treatery.

I am nothing more than a humble home baker with a passion for anything sweet and delicious. There is an urge to pass on what I know to others, so it was obvious that I should start my own baking blog. Welcome again to my humble blog.

I grew up in a time where both my Grandma’s made everything from scratch. If we needed a pie crust, we made it, not purchased. We baked cookies, we created cakes, and desserts assembled. Even now, as a mom of four, it never really occurs to me to buy cookies for school lunches or to go to the store for a birthday cake. Why buy it when I can make it? I would never have thought of posting recipes and blogging about it. If it weren’t for my husband, I probably wouldn’t have started this.

It makes me happy when what I bake makes the people around me happy. My kids don’t seem to have a problem with my homemade birthday cakes. I even have them asking to take extra cookies to school so they can share with their friends. My husband is also getting pretty popular at work, sharing my test bakes with his co-workers.

To me, baking is my little slice of peace in a very hectic day. To me, cooking is my way of finding a little sanity in a world where I usually have a toddler trying desperately to climb up my legs and two preteens that never seem to be impressed with anything.  With patience and practice, baking can become second nature and as easy as pie. I may be just a home baker, but this is what I really enjoy doing. You never know; it might just bring you some sanity and a little joy too.

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